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Our Beef

What makes Sierra Linda beef so special?  We raise our cattle on lovingly nurtured grassland and the highest quality craft brewers grain, which results in beautifully marbled and exceptionally tender beef that is highly nutritious and loaded with flavor.  Learn more about this unique, yet centuries old way of raising beef cattle, and purchase some beef for your next meal!  We also provide other products such as tallow (rendered beef fat that has multi purposes) and broth (healthy, curative and delicious).


Our Provisions

In addition to delicious, prime-grade beef we offer a number of hand crafted provisions that make use of all that our farm has to offer.  These include products to nourish your body such as curative bone broth, gluten- / sugar-free jerky, tallow balms and salves, candles, and milky soaps.  We use only the purest, most simple ingredients.

We also work with fellow farmers and crafters who produce a range of goods sourced from our farm, including gorgeous leather and wood products.

And of course we have your best friend in mind with a unique variety of dog treats, as well as specially made bird suet.


Our Grain & Soil

Brewers grain is a highly digestible protein and energy source, and one of the oldest byproduct feeds for livestock.  We source grain from local craft micro-breweries that use the finest quality, non-GMO ingredients.  Not only do we feed craft grain to our own cattle, we also provide for other local area farmers.

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and the highest quality products.  We are passionate about preserving our family farming legacy.  To us, "farming" means working hard, getting our hands (and practically everything else!) dirty, and learning.  Constantly.  Whether about ancient or emerging agricultural best practices, or how best to sear a round steak.  We love our land, our animals, our food, our community ... and we are honored to serve you.  Thank you for visiting!