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At Sierra Linda, we start with lovingly nurtured grassland and the highest quality micro-brewers grain, to grow our 100% hormone, steroid and antibiotic free beef. 

Our beef has been carefully curated from birth over nine generations - resulting in mighty, beautifully marbled and tender cuts.

We proudly offer the best beef on the market ... locally raised and enjoyed by our family in the Virginia Piedmont / Blue Ridge Foothills.

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Our beef is so good, you will want to gnaw it right off the bone.  Go ahead, we won't tell anyone! Choose from a wide selection and if you don't see a favorite cut on the list, please ask. Braised oxtail, anyone?  

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Or visit us at the Farmers Market in Warrenton, Virginia.  

And while you're at it, consider stocking up on craft beer from a local micro-brewery such as from one of our superb grain providing partners.

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Our steaks are 3/4 inch thick and our roasts are generally between 2 and 4 lbs.  Click here for approximate sizes, keeping in mind that there can be a lot of variety with all natural, locally raised meat.  When ordering, don't be shy to let us know if you prefer smaller or larger cuts.  We'll hand select your beef based on your preferences.

We work with Faquier's Finest, a USDA certified butcher.  We can arrange for custom cuts (thicker, thinner, smaller, larger).  Just let us know your preference!

Cut Sizes

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