Cut Sizes


Our steaks are 3/4 inch thick (we work with a USDA certified butcher who can provide thinner or thicker cuts as a special order).  Approximate weights are below.  Please note there can be a lot of variety with all natural beef.  If you prefer larger or smaller cuts, just let us know and we’ll hand select your preference.  We weigh every cut to the ounce and let you know the total before completing your order. Our customers are more than welcome to make adjustments before finalizing their order.


— Filets: 4 to 6 oz

— NY Strip: 10 to 12 oz

— Porterhouse: 18 oz

— T-Bone: 14 oz

— Ribeye (bone in): 14 oz

— Delmonico (boneless ribeye) 12 oz

— Flat Iron: 6 oz

— Sirloin Strip: 7 to 14 oz

— Sirloin (bone in): 20 oz

— London Broil: 24 oz

— Flank: 20 oz

— Skirt: 8 oz


Roasts are, on average, between 2 and 4 lbs.  Let us know if you have a  particular preference.