Our Grain & Soil

Craft Brewers Grain

Brewers grain is a highly digestible protein and energy source.  It is also one of the oldest byproduct feeds for livestock.  We source grain from local craft micro-breweries that use the finest quality, non-GMO ingredients - such as malted barley from the USA and Canada, and hops from the Pacific Northwest (USA), Germany and England.  Not only do we feed craft grain to our own cattle, we also provide for local area farmers raising beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck, and so on.

Genuine Top Soil

Use our top quality soil to enrich your garden, flower beds and pots, and get grass to grow in otherwise difficult areas.  Sourced from our farm and composted for two years, our soil is rich in organic matter, free of pesticides or herbicides, and is not "hot" (i.e., the soil is fully decomposed).  Contact us to arrange a delivery.

Our Partners


Steers enjoying the highest quality craft brewers grain from local area micro-breweries.