The following are recipes either we have tried ourselves and love, or our customers have tried and highly recommend. Please share yours!



  • Chuck #1 (Oven) - Irmen Family Favorite; delicious cream-of-mushroom based gravy.  We use our bone-in roasts for this recipe, but boneless also works.
  • Chuck #2 (InstaPot) - Alan's Amazing Roast.  Alan is a dear friend who also happens to be a talented chef.  Instructions: Season and sear the roast on all sides.  Place in the pot with at least 1 cup of beef stock (you might go up to two since if it's a fairly large roast and you can always use the extra liquid for yummy gravy).  We often just use water to draw out the natural flavor of our beef (i.e., don't worry if you don't have beef stock --- just add water and maybe a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce if you have it on hand). Add onion, fresh mushrooms, carrots, celery and potatoes to your liking.  We also recommend garlic, plus a dash of salt and pepper.
  • Chuck #3 (Slow Cooker) - Classic recipe with carrots and potatoes:
  • Chuck #4 (Oven) - Classic, simple recipe with helpful step-by-step photos. 



Ribs & Osso Buco


Ground Beef