Testimonials: Our Beef

"We love their beef...it taste great, and it is packaged so well. Rachel and Matt are great people. Recommend them to anyone interested in terrific tasting meat!!"

- Linda Goodman

“We frequently buy beef from Sierra Linda. It is always delicious and their customer service is excellent.”

- Stephanie Wolfe Hanson

"Its that time again to get more of that amazing beef from your farm. The meat we passed along to our respective father's around their birthdays went over extremely well. They were both very pleased and raved about the quality of the beef. Thanks again for providing a great gift option for two men that are very hard to shop for."

- Jeff H.

“Our family really enjoys the meat from Sierra Linda Farm.  The steaks are so tender and flavorful.”

- Janice Truett McIlvoy

Testimonials: Our Provisions

“The tallow is hands down the most amazing product I've ever used.  Rachel has really worked hard to develop it from being a bit greasy and beefy to a luxurious whipped cream that you would never know had tallow in it.  She has also carefully sorted out the scents to make them beautiful.  Never overpowering and perfectly balanced they leave your skin soft, nourished, and smelling lovely. 

"I started using this product when the combination of working outside and rock climbing had my eczema prone hands cracked, painful, and bleeding.  I had tried all the major commercial eczema creams and a few locally made but this was the only thing that helped.  During the entire 18 months I've used this I've managed to avoid all my prescription steroid cream.  Anytime I have any skin issues this heals them right up.  It also doesn't hurt that this couple are amazing sweet people who are easy to support!  I highly recommend all of you try the tallow cream today.”

- Alisha Bretz